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Palacios is a Spanish leading food business group operating worldwide since 1960.

After several decades of backing innovation, quality and diversification, the Palacios Group today is a benchmark in the food sector with full line of products ranging from several types of chorizo to frozen desserts, including omelets, pizzas and other ready-meals.

Since November 2016, when Palacios acquired Elore Enterprises, the Group’s footprint includes a manufacturing facility and a sales office in Miami.

At Palacios Group , there are currently more than 1000 employees.



The story of Palacios Group can be traced back to 1960 when the Palacios’ family opened a butcher shop in their town Albelda de Iregua, located in La Rioja, a small but wealthy region in the North of Spain.


From the beginning, the family business was known for their flavorful cured chorizo, seasoned with the finest spices, hand trimmed and carefully aged.


Building on the family’s legacy, to achieve the dream of providing delicious products across the globe become a reality.  The next generation of the Palacios family expanded the business bringing those flavors to the United States 20 years ago, where we produce Spanish chorizo with the family’s treasured recipe.


As leading producers of specialty meats, Palacios Group has become an icon in the modern food sector in Spain, bringing authentic Spanish specialties around the world.

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