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If you want a healthy and natural snack, you will love our chorizo... and your kids too!

Ready to eat, it is perfect as snacks, on the go, for your kids lunch boxes, and for charcuterie boards. 

No refrigeration needed,


Manufactured with Paprika from Spain. 




Gluten free

No artificial coloring or flavors

No preservatives

No nitrite added



Ingredients: pork, salt, water, paprika, garlic powder, starter culture, spices, oleoresin paprika, collagen casing. 


Quijote Chorizo Bites 2oz


20% OFF Father's Day Promotion

  • Ready to eat . No preservatives. No artificial colors. No nitrite. No MSG added. Gluten free. Paprika imported from Spain.

  • Save 5% when you order 3 units. Save 10% when you order 5 units.

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